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Pro-active Cyber Security Company

Our team is comprised of the some of the most experienced developers and cyber security experts in Australia.

We are helping businesses of all sizes, from local online businesses to multi-national enterprises, protect their online presence, data and reputations from hackers, criminals, advanced persistent threat and unfriendly foreign governments.

Government regulation burdens business with more compliance guidelines than ever. Organisations are struggling with the cost and time needed to satisfy all the emerging requirements. At Encipher we actually care about your online business, security and privacy. We have developed a simple and cost effective way of maintaining your compliance needs, and securing your IT environments.


Our Security Scanner

Our scanners are regularly scanning WordPress sites all over the world, finding thousands of vulnerable sites at risk and alerting owners via email.

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Our proactive scanners can identify security issues before they become a cause of successful hacking attempts. Each security alert notification includes basic details of the major security holes for free, and allows site owners to request a free PDF report describing them in more detail.

Encipher Cyber Security Index

WordPress Site Scores by Industry

IndustryAverage Score
Hobbies And Interests3.26
Law Govt And Politics3.23
Business And Industrial3.23
Family And Parenting3.23
Technology And Computing3.22
Health And Fitness3.19
Home And Garden3.19
Religion And Spirituality3.18
Automotive And Vehicles3.16
Real Estate3.16
Art And Entertainment3.15
Food And Drink3.15
Style And Fashion3.06

WordPress Site Scores by State

StateAverage Score

(Scores range from a low of 0 to a high of 5. The above averages are calculated weekly. Last updated 2023-12-06)

Our Approach To Cyber Security

The motto of all Scouts is to "Be Prepared".  This is our philosophy too when it comes to Cyber Security.

In a world that is changing fast with the increasing efforts, frequency and complexity of security threats, it is key that businesses are 'proactive' not 'reactive' when it comes to their online business.

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    Secure By Design

    We offer a number of services to test the design and security of your systems and make remediation recommendations. 

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    Compliant By Design

    After benchmarking your existing processes and procedures, we will help you to implement a framework which is right for your business. This will ensure you can demonstrate a high level of governance and compliance, should the need arise.

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    Continuous Monitoring

    Our Priority Service prepares your business to deal with potentially damaging Cyber Security Incidents. This subscription-based service provides real-time monitoring and 24/7 cyber-security specialists to respond to any threat promptly, minimizing disruption to your business.


About Encipher

At Encipher we specialize in pro-active cyber security.

Our team is comprised of the most experienced developers and cyber security experts. Proud veteran nerds with a particular skillset, we have a relentless passion for what we do - keeping your online presence secure from criminals, hackers and bad actors.

The Encipher team helps a wide range of industries, businesses, charities and even governments to protect their online presence, data and reputations from hackers, criminals, advanced persistent threat and unfriendly foreign governments.

We actually care about your business, security and privacy.

Client Testimonials

strategic psych

Nesh Nikolic

Strategic Psychology

We are a Canberra-based psychology practice of over 20 staff and consider ourselves quite tech-savvy. My  internal IT guy suggested to “bring in these computer nerds [Encipher] and see if they could break into our system”. We use premium—and expensive—Wordpress hosting plus secure file storage so I thought “Okay, let them try”.

Well, the Encipher team found our vulnerability: our staff clicking on phishing emails! I thought we had all the tech bases covered but didn’t consider the human aspect. Happy to report we implemented a internal ‘human’ control system to keep our data safe.

putney insurance


Putney Insurance
Encipher conducted some pen testing on our website and found several vulnerabilities. They were quick and efficient and even provided guidance on remediation. 
I was pleasantly surprised how affordable the service was. It was well worthwhile getting them involved.